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Being Actively Involved in Back Surgery Recovery

Being prepared is important when it comes to being a back surgery patient. You should learn as much as possible about your upcoming surgery and how you can take an active role in your recovery and rehabilitation. While it’s understandable you’d want to get back to your favorite activities as soon as possible, you must be patient while recovering, especially if you had a more involved spinal surgery that could take weeks or months to heal.

Because there are so many different types of back surgeries and no two patients are alike even if they undergo the same procedure, it’s important to consult with your doctor for customized medical advice.

Lifestyle Modifications

You should avoid bending, lifting, or twisting while healing from back surgery for the period recommended by your doctor. By doing these movements, you risk putting stress on your vulnerable spine. Be mindful, because most of us perform these movements in our everyday lives without putting much thought into it. Instead of bending over, try squatting down to the floor if you drop something, or use a claw/grabber device with a long handle to pick up lightweight items so you can keep your spine in a neutral position. Rather than twisting your torso, use your entire body and keep your hips and shoulders aligned, especially when getting in and out of bed. Lifting items that weigh more than a textbook is inadvisable, and don’t lift anything over your head.

Don’t Be too Sedentary

Don’t stop moving altogether. While you should be mindful of your movements while in recovery, it’s important that you don’t become too comfortable lying around the house either. That’s because your body will become weaker and stiffer the longer you put off keeping your joints moving. It is recommended that you change positions about every 30 min especially when sitting. Building your strength and stamina will be a core component of the physical therapy your spine surgeon will prescribe for you.

Be Actively Involved in Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is a non-surgical, non-medication technique that is vital while recovering from many types of surgery, but especially back surgery. Recovery takes time, effort, and patience. Because it aids in healing, physical therapy includes both a long-term and short-term treatment plan. It will be personally tailored to your unique condition and physical makeup, while keeping in mind any functional limitations and how you can compensate for them.

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No two back surgery patients have the same set of circumstances, and even if they’re having the same surgery, recovery will look different for each patient. It’s important to speak up and ask questions about your procedure so you can better understand what it involves and what recovery will look like. At Comprehensive Spine Institute, we are your partners for an unmatched patient experience with the highest standards set in the medical industry.

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