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Patient Reviews

  • All of his staff are very courteous and helpful

    Dr. Ragab is just the best! He is an excellent orthopedic surgeon with a very kind and compassionate bedside manner. I recently had a 2 level lumbar fusion by him and I am healing well with no infection and a lot less pain. All of his staff are very courteous and helpful and they put you at ease immediately because every part of the process runs smoothly every time I visit this office. The office is nicely remodeled and there is a separate surgery center on the property where Dr. Ragab and the other physicians in his practice can perform minimally invasive procedures. They are conveniently located in Clearwater and I have never had to wait over 15 minutes before seeing the doctor which is pretty amazing for an Orthopedic practice! Thank you so much, Dr. Ragab, for giving me great orthopedic care!

    - Kim C.

  • I'm writing this review of CSI specifically to shine light on the Physical Therapy department. I had surgery the beginning of March 2021, to repair a herniated disc. But once the surgeon was in there and able to see things better, he (Dr. Weber) found another large herniated disc. So that meant 2 herniations about 9mm, which is big. He also found 2 broken bones, which he addressed. I started PT May 5th. I was impressed before I even showed up, when I was scheduling with Amy. She is so kind and detail-oriented. She was even able to get me in earlier than anticipated. The facility is clean, no strong fragrances, and well organized. No waiting time! I was taken right back after being greeted downstairs to make sure I made it up ok. Then it was time to see my Physical Therapist - Cybele. She too is very kind and really knows her stuff. I was a little nervous, because the last time I went to PT (at a different place) it made things worse. I explained this to Cybele and she assured me she would not be pushing me. I've been going for about 3 weeks now and I am so grateful for Amy and Cybele. Schedule your PT here. You will be glad you did!

    - Shawn B.

  • Saw them about 9 months ago for my neck. Dr. Kimball and PT really helped and what a wonderful staff. My son had surgery on his broken clavicle 2 weeks ago from Dr. Bansal who did an amazing job. The staff couldn't be friendlier and great to work with.

    - Janet C.

  • Searched for affordable options without sacrificing quality of service
    Associates and assistants receive me with a smile every time I get to my appointments. Dr. Bansal explained the procedures clearly, detailed and patiently answers all my questions. He spends the right amount of time on every visit, not more, not less. They searched for affordable options without sacrificing quality of service. My quadriceps tendon surgery on my right knee went perfect. After the surgery, pain was minimum and they provided adequate medication to control pain. He inspires self-confidence and trust. I am 100% pleased with their care, knowledge and support. I would not say I wish to be back again, but if I break something again, of course this is the team I would choose to fix me. About 90 days after my surgery I have my first bike ride. Awesome! Thanks, Dr. Bansal and Kassy.

    - Geisem B.

  • This was my first visit to CSI. Everyone I met was friendly, professional, and willing to answer all my questions. The facility was clean and inviting. Dr Kimball was kind, caring, honest, and direct with a thorough explanation of my problem and how he could help me. I feel a good connection with the facility and the physician at this point as I begin a new treatment plan towards a more healthy lifestyle!

    - Karen A.

  • Does his best to get you the most mobile and pain-free
    I really recommend Dr. Ragab and his staff, He is very good listener to what your concerns are and does his best to get you the most mobile and pain-free! His staff is always smiling and happy and helpful. He is not one that insists you do surgery or else, or pushes prescription drugs on you! He is awesome as well as his staff!

    - Trish B.

  • I have a cervical surgery done by Dr. Jed Weber. My whole experience was awesome! Dr. Weber is a great surgeon. His medical team are super friendly and very helpful. He also has an excellent bedside manner.

    - Charlita Z.

  • A great doctor that understands patients need info, time and attention
    Dr. Kimball was awesome. A great doctor that understands patients need info, time and attention. I can't say enough about his skill. I feel great. I knew he had to kinda change things up after he got in there but this is where experience and skill comes to a great doctor. I also need to compliment the nurses and the rad tech. Nice and very professional. Lastly, I would be remiss if I didn't mention Kathrine (Kat). She was the surgery coordinator and she really lifted the load of dealing with insurance and scheduling. Top marks Kat.
    Added 5 March. I feel great. I keep using the back brace to remind me to not bend lift or twist. I hope everyone who reads this has my experience and it all started with Dr. Kimball and his staff. Ok, it's 3 months now. I feel great. I couldn't walk. Now I am back to a normal 56-year-old. Dr. Kimball fixed me. Not made me better but fixed me. I'm still in the girdle but I know it's right. Thank you, Dr. Kimball. I know it wasn't easy but I am so thankful.

    - Mike B.

  • Excellent knee replacement

    If you are looking for an excellent knee replacement then Dr. Mohit Bansal is your doctor. Nurse Marcy is kind and professional. The office staff all very nice, wait time acceptable. Highly recommended.

    - Bina A.

  • I’m very glad I’ve chosen CSI to help me with my spine and pain issues

    So far I’ve been very satisfied with my experiences at Comprehensive Spine Institute. Everyone from reception to the assistants, to the scheduler has been very helpful, professional and friendly. Dr. Ragab has been very methodical and thorough in his assessment of my pain and I fully trust his judgment and recommendations. I’m very glad I’ve chosen CSI to help me with my spine and pain issues and I think you will be too!

    - Mark L.

  • Couldn’t be a better result
    Dr. Weber Found my problem in a few minutes where others missed it for years. Low invasive surgery corrected the problem with outpatient surgery. Highly recommend Dr. Weber and all his staff. Couldn’t be a better result!

    - Joe P.

  • My life has been completely changed after visiting this center. I highly recommend this center and Dr. Kimball to anyone needing spinal surgery.

    Before coming to this center, I was facing excruciating lower back pain for years (at 24 years of age) after a horseback riding accident. Doctors kept telling me my pain was normal, and at my age a herniated disc was not likely. I could not walk more than a few minutes, and hated my life.

    When I arrived at the Comprehensive Spine Institute for my first appointment, I was treated immediately with respect and my symptoms were taken seriously. My MRI was reviewed, the diagnosis was throughout explained, and options were clearly laid out for me (including non-surgical options). I was even able to schedule my surgery the same day of my office visit.

    During my surgery, the staff and surgeon (Dr. Kimball) were extremely kind, and made sure I understood what was happening and was comfortable. Dr. Kimball and his nurse each called me personally the next day to make sure I was okay.

    One month after my surgery, I am a completely new person. I can walk, I have eased into yoga, and can actually enjoy my daily routines. I can't thank Dr. Kimball and the staff at this center enough for everything that they have done for me. I would highly recommend them.

    - Kris M.

  • Treatments and surgeries I received were top notch

    Dr. Ragab and his team including his receptionists are like family to me. Excellence shines! You can bet when you go for your appointment it is personable to your needs. I can trust that the care is outstanding from my first visit, treatments and surgeries I received were top notch!!! I highly recommend the Comprehensive Spine Institute!

    - Dee C.

  • Dr. Jed Weber is an honest, knowledgeable, & very compassionate surgeon. Highly recommended! He and his staff both at Comprehensive Spine Institute and Advent Hospital are very patient, explain in great detail what they will be doing and give you plenty of information to go home with. Needed Dr Weber over Memorial Day Weekend & when my husband called the Emergency number - they were prompt in reaching Dr. Weber and Dr. Weber personally called my husband back and called in a prescription for me ASAP! No complaints on my part! Highly Recommended.

    - Tammy M.

  • Made sure that I understood all of my options for treatment and the next steps

    The office staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. As a new patient, it is always nice to see a friendly face when you walk into a new office. Everyone took time to answer all of my questions. Dr. Kimble was extremely welcoming and took the time to explain my diagnosis. He was able to take a ton of medical terminology and turn it into plain English. He also made sure that I understood all of my options for treatment and the next steps. I can't say enough about how great this office is. If you are in need of care please take the time to check them out you won't be sorry you did.

    - Former Patient

  • One-on-one rehab is very professional and customized

    My surgeon, Dr. Bansal is excellent. Very thorough and provided me with a detailed explanation of my surgery sharing pictures he took of my knee to repair my meniscus tear. Their one-on-one rehab is very professional and customized. No need to go anywhere else.

    - Michael M.

  • I trust him completely

    Dr. Weber did Minimally invasive surgery on my cervical spine 3 years ago and I am still doing great. He did an amazing job and I have probably referred over 30 patients to him since then. I trust him completely. Dr. Kimball is also wonderful. I worked with both of them at LSI.

    - Deborah G.

  • A great experience and everyone that took care of me was amazing

    Dr. Weber is a phenomenal doctor. The nurses and the whole crew was very kind and took great care of me. They made an effort to make me feel calm and happy, which I appreciate very much. I had an ACDF surgery done by Dr. Weber and the surgery went great. Dr. Weber took the time to explain everything to me, ridding me of any previous concerns which helped calm my nerves. Overall, it was a great experience and everyone that took care of me was amazing.

    - Jin N.

  • Very professional and sensitive to my situation

    Very professional and sensitive to my situation. Doctor Bansal spent quality time with me and my daughters explaining which way this could go and what to expect. I work at MOFFITT cancer center with compassionate qualified surgeons and doctors and felt I was getting the same treatment back. Dr. Bansal was not in a rush to do surgery yet not until the cat scan and if absolutely necessary. Highly recommended them.

    - Rozanna N.

  • Bed-side manner is comforting

    Absolutely love Dr. Ragab. His bed-side manner is comforting. They explain things to you so you can understand and they are "straight-up". The staff is genuinely caring. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

    - Judy M.

  • He was able to fix what others couldn't

    I just want to let everyone know, that this facility is one of the best I have ever encountered. From the moment you enter the door, you are greeted with a friendly smile and extreme professionalism! I underwent arthroscopic hip surgery with Dr. Bansal and he's by far the best! You won't find someone more knowledgeable, caring and professionalism. The reason I say this is because he was able to fix what others couldn't and he also fixed a lot of damage done by a previous doctor's attempt just 3 months earlier. Dr. Bansal gets an A++ he gave me my life back! Do yourself a favor and make an appointment you won't be sorry!

    - Anna L.

  • The Surgery center staff is the best and I've been to a few
    Everyone was Outstanding. Doctor Weber knew what was wrong when my Orthopedic doctor did not. The Nursing staff was always helpful. The Surgery center staff is the best and I've been to a few. They went to extra lengths to make sure my wife and I were taken care of. I highly recommend the Comprehensive Spine Institute because they gave me my way of life back. Thank you.

    - James H.

  • Listens and instead of rushing to surgery, takes careful steps to diagnose

    I had an L4-S1 fusion almost 6 years ago by a doctor in Miami. My pain never subsided. It took more than 5 years to get a doctor to listen to me and diagnose me properly. That doctor was Dr. Kimball. He actually cared, listened to my symptoms, and offered a possible problem area and devised a plan to diagnose the cause of the pain. He was 100% correct. He performed a left side S.I. joint fusion and I am 90% better. I don't normally review any service, good or bad. However, Dr. Kimball was incredible. He listens and instead of rushing to surgery, he takes careful steps to diagnose. Before meeting with him, none of the other doctors even mentioned an S.I. joint as a possible cause. Also, I am not a fan of doctors, but Dr. Kimball is the exception. He did a phenomenal job. Thank you, Dr. Kimball.

    - Lee F.

  • Thanks to them I have my life back

    Dr. Weber is phenomenal! He did surgery on my cervical spine with great success. Once healed from that I went back for my lower back surgery, another great success! I am so grateful and truly blessed to have found such an amazing surgeon. The staff there are truly amazing as well. Comprehensive spine institute comes highly recommended by me! Thanks to them I have my life back!

    - Tammi M.

  • 8 weeks later still no pain

    Dr. Weber took the time to thoroughly try every possible treatment before suggesting surgery. Once the decision was made to move forward with the surgery he put me at complete ease that I would be able to return to work just two weeks after surgery and that was very important being that I work for myself. He and his staff made me completely aware of what to expect before during and after. I went into surgery with pain in my neck arm and shoulder to the point that it hurt to touch it. One of the most amazing points was when I woke immediately after surgery the pain was gone and. 8 weeks later still no pain and I went back to work 2 weeks later just as he said I could. This surgery has been life-changing in the fact that my pain is gone and I have so much more energy with complete control over my life again. Thank you to Dr. Weber and his staff.

    - Crystal G.

  • Hands down the most personable team I’ve seen in ages
    My mother is terrified of surgery, but the staff made her feel completely at ease. That’s the number one thing I liked. The staff was hands down the most personable team I’ve seen in ages. I also have to mention how clean the waiting area was, even with a stocked drink and snack station for the patients who had to fast until surgery.

    - Shelie J.

  • I feel better than I have in years
    Dr. Kimball took more time to explain my neck problem and treatment options more than the last 3 spine specialists combined. He really seemed to care about me. After surgery, I feel better than I have in years and finally have hope to be able to work and play golf again.

    - J.K.

  • Thanks to Dr. Weber and his team and his determination, I am out of pain
    Before meeting Dr. Weber I was in agony 24/7 for 8 years from having 14 neck surgeries due to a broken neck. I had seen many other doctors and once they saw my x-rays and cat scans they would not help me due to all the intense hardware that I have in my neck. I am fused from C-2 to T-4. Thanks to Dr. Weber and his team and his determination, I am out of pain. Dr. Weber gave me my life back and the ability to be the man that my wife and children need and deserve. Dr. Weber and Dr. Ragab and their staff were very professional and caring. I would highly recommend them to anyone that has neck or back issues. Thanks again, Dr. Weber.

    - Janet C.

  • My surgery went better than I could have ever expected

    I highly recommend this office to anyone that is looking for a great experience. I went into this office really scared to have anybody touch my back but dr. Ragab made me feel very secure and safe. My whole experience from the moment I walked into that office was an excellent experience. My surgery went better than I could have ever expected and I am so happy and pleased with the services provided to me from this staff. If you are looking for great doctors and great staff I would highly recommend this office.

    - Katherine M.

  • I cannot be in better hands

    The care that I have had and continue to have at Comprehensive Spine Institute by Dr. Ashraf Ragab, Amanda, Matt and the rest of his staff are wonderful. In my opinion, I cannot be in better hands. Although I am still recovering, Dr. Ragab, Amanda, Matt and the wonderful nurses who cared for me during my surgical stay at Largo Medical Center made me feel blessed to have such dedicated, exceptional and caring medical professionals tasked with my well being.

    - Former Patient

  • The entire team went above and beyond

    I have been fortunate to have an awesome surgeon Dr. Bansal. The entire team went above and beyond. On the road to recovery. Going well following the orders presented to me and my family. Have recommended many to this practice!

    - Maureen S.

  • Back to normal

    My wife was in so much pain for 8 weeks. She could not do too much but lay down on ice the pain was intense running from her buttocks to her ankle on her left leg. Dr. Ragab reviewed her MRI and saw a herniated disc that had a bad tear and the disc was putting pressure on her spinal cord which was causing all the pain. Dr. Ragab and his PA Amanda were great. The asked questions and looked us right in the eye to give us answers and hope that they could give my wife relief from the pain and enable her to walk upright again. 
    Dr. Ragab recommended minimum invasive surgery which he said would make her pain in leg stop immediately. This was exactly what happened my wife's pain was gone from leg after the hour procedure and 3 hours later my wife was able to walk out upright which was a sight to behold. I highly recommend Dr. Ragab and Amanda at the comprehensive spine institute. They are great surgeons and professional and very nice. Thank you for getting my wife back to normal.

    - Nick D.

  • It was like a miracle
    I would recommend Dr. Weber to anyone suffering from a bad back. I have been suffering from back pain for many years and in a couple of hours he operated and relieved the pain. It was like a miracle. The staff was wonderful at Laser Comprehensive Spine Institute. All I can say is thank you.

    - Bobbi R.

  • I'm a 69 year old woman and Dr. Bansal Gave me my life back. He performed two complete shoulder replacements one year apart. I'm just sorry I put it off so long our of fear. Now pain Free From osteoarthritis and regained range of motion! His staff couldn't have been nicer. Thank you, Dr. Bansal!

    - Margaret C.

  • Dr. Ragab and his team have restored my faith in doctors! I had the pleasure to meet Dr. Ragab almost 5 years ago, and I knew the minute I walked in, I was in the right place for my chronic neck & back pain. Evelyn & Sheila at the front desk make you feel like family, which is a gift when you are already overwhelmed with meeting a new doctor & staff. I've had the pleasure to interact with Dr. Ragab's whole team, and now rely on them for honest answers & guidance while preparing for surgery, rehab, and continuous neck and back pain issues. Dr. Ragab takes the time to listen to your daily challenges and how to make you feel at ease...quite a gem in this day and age! Overall, Dr. Ragab has been the best experience, and I could not imagine trying to deal with pain and the aging process in this day and age without him and his great team!!!

    - Jeannine B.

  • Doctor Webber did for me what 3 other orthopaedic surgeons couldn't do. That being me getting back to as normal as a 74 year old man can expect after 3 failed back surgeries. I would recommend Dr. Weber for neck or back problems. He is without a doubt the best option.

    - James H.

  • Retired 25+ years fire Dept . Car accident required major surgery. Highly recommend . My former wife just used him for neck surgery from a recent fall . Same excellent results.

    - Craig K.