Addiction Care

Addiction Care in Clearwater 

Our addiction care provides new patients needing induction therapy, medication assisted addiction therapy (MAT) , SUBLOCADE injection for addiction, withdrawal treatment of any type.  This is a comprehensive approach to include assessment of underlying pain disorders which may have initiated the opiate dependence forward/addiction.  This allows transfer of addiction care from another provider to us.  Our Induction Treatments would be performed at the Tampa office but follow-up care could occur at either location.  The induction is a 1-2 our treatment depending on the patient and the level of withdrawal they are in.  

  • Minimal Wait Time

    You shouldn't have to wait a profound amount of time to see a physician we'll get you in, in two weeks or less.

  • Education Is Key

    We believe in educating our patients so they feel empowered when making decisions about their care.

  • 3 Convenient Locations

    We are easily accessible with 3 locations that are able to provide the same quality of care.

  • Multi-Specialty Practice

    We pride ourselves on providing our patients with care from physicians who specialize in their needs.

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