Clearwater Fracture Treatment

Has a Recent Injury Caused a Fracture?

Bones can fracture when they are put under a lot of stress or hit by a high-force impact. Most fractures are caused by injuries, but patients with weak bones, such as those suffering from osteoporosis and certain types of cancers, can also experience a fracture as a result of wear and tear on the bone. Many people know of fractures as “broken bones”.

There are several different types of fractures. Some of the most common types include:

  • Hairline fractures – Small, partial fractures of the bone that are can be difficult to spot on an x-ray.
  • Stable fractures – Smaller fractures where the broken ends of bone are only barely out of place.
  • Open fractures – Fractures caused by an injury that also tore open the skin over the bone.
  • Stress fractures – Fractures caused by wear-and-tear and excessive pressure on the bones. This is a common problem for athletes.
  • Oblique fracture – A fracture with an angular pattern
  • Comminuted fracture – A more serious form of fracture where part of the bone fractures into several pieces.

Fractures usually cause pain, swelling, and bruising right away – making them difficult to ignore. However, some fractures will have more subtle symptoms. If you experience continued pain and tenderness in an area after an injury, you should schedule an appointment with a doctor.

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Treating a Fracture

There are many ways to treat a fracture, depending on the type of fracture and the patient’s condition. At CSI, we perform a methodical approach to different fracture patterns. Every patient is carefully assessed so that we can come up with a personalized treatment plan that leads to exceptional outcomes.

Common treatments for fractures include:

  • Realigning the bone with traction
  • Immobilizing the bone with a cast so that it can heal correctly
  • Functional casting that allows for some movement of the bone while healing
  • Using metal pins or screws to hold the bone in place with a metal bar, also known as external fixation

We only recommend surgery as a last resort. If surgery is recommended, it is because our experienced orthopedists believe this is the best course of action to restore function and mobility.

Call CSI today at (727) 300-2537 for more information about fracture care and our orthopedic team in Clearwater.

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