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Home for the Holidays: 5 Ways to Avoid Joint Pain While Traveling

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Are you looking forward to your upcoming holiday travel plans? Whether it's a road trip or a flight to visit family and friends, travel can often lead to discomfort and even pain in our necks and backs. And who wants to focus on being stiff and sore when we can focus on being festive and jolly?

Don't let joint pain ruin your holiday fun! Here are some tips for preventing neck and back pain during travel:

1. Take breaks from carrying luggage and sitting for prolonged periods.

You may feel sleepy from your road trip, or you may feel like you don’t have room to get up and walk around on the plane or train. But, it’s important to move around if you’re traveling for hours —or days—on end. This is because it only takes XX for your joints to lock up and become stuck in one position. So, get out of the car, stretch, and walk around every couple of hours.

Also, switch arms frequently or use a luggage cart if available. And don't forget to stretch your arms and shoulders before and after carrying heavy items.

2. Choose the right seat.

Especially when flying, choose an aisle seat so that you have easy access to stand up, stretch, and walk around the cabin periodically. In addition to choosing the right seat, be mindful of your posture while seated. Adjust your seat in the car or on the plane, keep your shoulders back and your chin parallel to the ground, and avoid hunching over electronic devices for extended periods of time.

3. Bring the right gear.

It can be hard to be away from home without your full range of shoewear and other household items that help you relieve joint tension. Bring all of your medications, wear supportive shoes, and bring a travel pillow for added neck support on planes or car rides. A travel-sized foam roller or tennis ball to use as a massager for any tight muscles is also another great addition to your carry-on.

4. Drink plenty of water.

It’s crucial to stay hydrated to avoid stiffness in your joints. It can be easy to forget to drink a lot of water when you’re on the go, but dehydration can lead to muscle tension and stiffness. So make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day!

5. Stay active while traveling.

It may be tempting to sit for long periods of time during travel, but try to stand up and stretch every hour or so. This can also help with jet lag and blood circulation.

Spine Treatment in Pinellas County, Florida

By following these tips, you can travel comfortably and enjoy your holiday destination pain-free! If you're struggling with spine pain, book a consultation with one of our specialists at Comprehensive Spine Institute to talk about whether one of these non-invasive treatments may be right for you.

To schedule a consultation at your nearest Comprehensive Spine Institute location, visit our website.

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