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The Difference Between Noninvasive & Interventional Spine Treatments

Have you been referred to a spine specialist? Chances are you’re curious about how this doctor will help you get out of pain and whether the treatment plan will include surgery. It’s important to know that spine surgeons only recommend surgery as a last-resort treatment option and will exhaust all nonsurgical treatment options first. At Comprehensive Spine Institute, we offer numerous noninvasive/nonsurgical back pain treatments and interventional spine treatments like back injections.

Noninvasive Spine Treatments

Relief from back pain may be relatively simple and not include any injections or incisions. Conservative, nonsurgical options include:

Interventional Spine Treatments

If noninvasive treatments don’t help you sustain significant relief, there are interventional spine treatments that may prove successful. Although not a noninvasive approach, spinal injections are less invasive than surgical treatment, even minimally invasive surgery.

We offer the following interventional spine treatments at Comprehensive Spine Institute:

Will I Need Spine Surgery if Conservative Treatments Don’t Work?

We know most people prefer to avoid surgery, and we are of the same mindset. You have the final word in your treatment plan, so feel free to speak up and voice any of your concerns and pose your questions. Our experienced, knowledgeable spine specialists are here to explore your treatment options so you are fully aware of what to expect while in our care. If noninvasive or interventional spine treatments aren’t successful, we can help you explore your surgical options and help you recover as quickly and safely as possible.

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