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How an Orthopedic Physician Can Help Older Athletes Heal from Injury

While older adult athletes tend to be in much better health with a better physical capacity than other adults of the same age, they still must be cautious. Although elderly athletes are less prone to injury than those of similar age who are not in good physical condition, they are more likely to injure themselves than a younger adult who participates in the same sport.

Sports-related injuries are a common cause of orthopedic conditions. Physical activity has many health benefits, but it can also put stress on your bones and muscles. Training routines can put strain on the body and create acute or long term aches and pains. Likewise, sports themselves provide ample opportunities for injuries to occur.

Adults who acquire sports injuries should be treated as soon as possible, whether they are still young adults or they are elderly. In older adults, it's important to seek treatment and to avoid the negative effects of becoming immobile for a lengthy period of time.

Orthopedists may work with athletes and grow familiar with the common exercises and activities that can create an injury over time. Working with an Orthopedist specialized in sports medicine is important for athletes or anyone who wishes to resume athletic activity. Most players are eager to resume their regular routine as quickly as possible, but it is important to make a full recovery and make adjustments in training to prevent a reoccurring injury. Sports medicine specialists work to both get patients back to activity quickly and improve their overall performance, usually in combination with Rehabilitation from a Physical Therapist.

Providing high quality care requires more than just state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced staff. Patient input is critical to recovery, especially in orthopedic care. Finding the source of aches and pains is important for creating an efficient treatment plan. Patients are encouraged to speak up and tell us everything they can about the problems they are facing, including how long they’ve had it, what kind of strain they put on the area on a regular basis, and what activities make the pain worse or better.

“An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure”

The best way to avoid a sport-related injury is prevention. Older athletes can prevent injury by making sure they are sufficiently physically fit to perform their desired physical activity, meaning they must have good agility, technical skills, and overall heart health. Prevention of injury also includes only practicing appropriate programs with safe and familiar equipment, warming up and cooling down, stretching, as well as, training in how to achieve good balance, coordination, and reaction time.

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