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Preferred Treatments for Back Pain that Do Not Involve Medication

Successful back pain relief usually involves trying several different types of treatments to get optimal results. Surgery is always the last-resort treatment for back pain. Conservative, non-invasive treatments that do not include medication may be all that is needed for many who suffer from acute back pain.

Some of the non-invasive spinal treatments that might work for you include:

  • Lifestyle changes: There are ways the patient can address their back pain on their own.Your doctor may ask you to stop smoking, lose weight, to get regular physical activity to alleviate your back pain, among other lifestyle changes that can improve your pain. This also involves learning exercise and lifting techniques so you don’t aggravate your pain unnecessarily.
  • Physical Therapy: Many orthopedic patients see a physical therapist as the first treatment option, as it can promote mobility and function without resorting to medication or surgery. Physical therapists are licensed professionals who work with the patient by using passive techniques such as ice or heat application, massage, electrotherapy, and active techniques that require the patient to do something. Some of the active physical therapy treatments include stretching and exercises. Physical therapy may be part of your short-term or long-term treatment plan or both.
  • Chiropractic Care: Your orthopedic doctor may recommend chiropractic care to improve your function and relieve pain by applying pressure to targeted body areas to manipulate spine alignment and reduce swelling. The chiropractor will use their hands to force muscles and bones to realign so the body can heal itself.
  • Bracing: Acute back pain may subside by limiting the motion of the spine to promote healing. Back braces can often reduce back and neck pain by reducing movement and acting as additional support for the spine. Back braces can enhance the healing process for a variety of conditions, from whiplash or vertebral fractures. It may come into use post-procedure or after an injury.
  • T.E.N.S. Therapy: Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) is a type of electrical stimulation treatment for pain management that involves using safe, effective electrotherapy. It is often paired with other non-invasive treatments for optimal back pain relief. The procedure works by attaching electrodes to your skin that delivers a gentle electric current to the local nerves and sensory fibers.

What Is the Next Step if Non-Invasive Treatments Are Unsuccessful?

If further treatment is needed for sufficient relief, the next conservative treatment option is called interventional back pain treatments. For most patients, It is the preferred conservative technique to treat back pain before resorting to surgery. Doctors can pinpoint the source of your back pain with an injection used to numb the suspected nerve or nerve cluster to see if that can relieve the patient’s pain. This is what guides orthopedic doctors in finding a more long-term treatment plan.

Talk to your primary care doctor if your back doesn’t feel right and the problem won’t go away. Your primary care doctor can recommend an orthopedic doctor for further insight. Orthopedic doctors can help you discover what is causing your back pain and treat it effectively to get the relief you crave. Orthopedic doctors are there every step of the way, from patient diagnosis to treatment and management, to feel better and free of back pain.

Do you have questions about non-invasive back pain treatments? Contact our team at Comprehensive Spine Institute by dialing (727) 300-2537.