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Why Orthopedic Surgeons Recommend Post-Operative Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is almost always a part of a patient’s post-operative recovery from a traumatic injury or degenerative tissue disease requiring surgical treatment. Physical therapy can treat a wide array of orthopedic injuries and conditions, and physical therapists are specialists in improving range of motion, building strength and stamina, and relieving pain. The success of your surgery depends on your commitment to proper aftercare.

What Does Physical Therapy Involve?

An important component in offering the highest quality orthopedic care involves a referral to a physical therapist after surgery. The purpose of physical therapy is to restore optimal physical function, and for orthopedic patients, this includes non-invasive techniques that support the goals of their orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately, some patients worry that physical therapy will lead to more pain. Others don’t take physical therapy seriously because they do not understand why it is so vital to their recovery. It would help if you asked your orthopedic surgeon questions about how physical therapy will help you and the benefits you can expect from it if you still have reservations.

Patients see real returns on their “investment” in post-operative physical therapy, including:

  • Better mobility
  • Improved blood circulation that can boost healing and alleviate inflammation
  • Pain relief from restored muscle and joint function
  • Increased stamina from treatments that address strength and endurance
  • And much more

Personalized Treatment Plans & Compassionate Care

At Comprehensive Spine Institute, we are committed to the health and wellbeing of the patients we treat. From diagnosis to treatment, the needs of our patients come first. We work closely with support specialists, including physical therapists, so every patient we see can enjoy a more active, pain-free life. If you’re concerned about your post-operative recovery, we can help. We will prescribe a customized physical therapy plan designed specifically for you.

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