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Spinal Cord Stimulator: How It Can Improve Quality of Life

Benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulation

While many people tend to push through minor aches and pains, spinal issues are hard to ignore and can even diminish your ability to complete everyday tasks. Fortunately, you don’t have to continue living in pain. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about spinal cord stimulation and how it can help you to alleviate your neck and back pain.

What is Spinal Cord Stimulation?

Spinal Cord Stimulators (SCS) are FDA-approved pain management devices that help those living with chronic neck or back pain, without the use of addictive narcotic drugs. A Spinal Cord Stimulator is a small minimally-invasive device that is surgically placed under the skin. Small wires carry a low voltage current from the device to your spinal cord’s nerves. This electrical current is controlled by a hand-held device that can be controlled by the patient.

It is important to note that SCS does not eliminate the source of pain, but masks pain symptoms to give patients a better quality of life.

What Can Spinal Stimulation Help to Treat?

Spinal Cord Stimulators are used to help those living with chronic pain that has not been fixed or cured with other treatment options. Typically, SCS is used for patients who have experienced the following:

  • Poor response to non-invasive treatments.
  • Persistent back or leg pain.
  • Have been diagnosed Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS).
  • Have undergone previous spine surgeries and are still experiencing chronic pain.
  • Pain that is not associated with cancer or a tumor.

Spinal Care in Clearwater, Florida

At the Comprehensive Spine Institute, we understand that spinal issues can be devastating, having an intensely negative impact on your quality of life. We also understand that it can be intimidating when it comes to choosing the right course of treatment.

Our team of orthopedic specialists will work with you to assess your condition and talk through the appropriate treatment options available—both surgical and nonsurgical.

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